the Agavatar
Mountain 000 style
Weyman Banjo 1927
Round back Mandolin early 1900's
Guild F212 1966
Epiphone Electar 1936
Godin LGXT MIDI guitar
Chandler Lap Steel
Nioma Lap Steel 1950's
70's Strat
Koa Lap Steel 1920's
1947 Epiphone deluxe electric
Instrument Gallery
Harlin Bros. Multi-kord Pedal Steel 1960's
sub sonic didjerids up to 10' long- keyed down to low E
the Violin Lute - Geigen Laute 1920's with custom electronics and tortoise shell trim

An instrument with a medievel sound -built in the 20's -with 34 strings 4 sets of 4 chord strings in the center, and 18 outer strings that are bowed or plucked.

click photo for video demo

Violin WM2.mp4
These instruments of my own design -were made from a single agave stalk

*A 36 inch long drum.

•9 foot long didjeridu in Key of low F

•The Agavatar- tambura like -but also bowed

ªBohdran stlye frame drum

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